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I am a woman with big DREAMS. I live in Montreal, Quebec, but I originated from Quebec City. I love to spend time with my family and friends and have fun. 
I like to be close to water and mountains, do sports, love photography and love to help others.

I have a background in nursing of 33 years and was always looking for natural products for my health and the environment. At some point in my career, I knew I had to change and do something else.

I had been looking for a few years in the network marketing industry to start a business and increase my income. I never found the one I wanted. However, it was a very educational search, and I learned valuable information.

This journey drew me to "The Freedom Project, "which I found in an ad in a local paper in November 2011. It was an online based-business, precisely what I wanted.

I found healthy solutions to improve my overall health without having a cold or the flu ever since. I love those products because they changed my life and people's lives so that I can enjoy photography, bicycling, reading, and playing the violin, allowing me to have a lifestyle of time freedom.

The Freedom Project gives you great support to grow a healthy home-based business by focusing on educating others to have the lifestyle they desire. You can do it from the comfort of your home nowadays.

I'm also a natural and relatively 'normal' person...so feel free to stop by and friend me on Facebook. And you can also connect with me on my Fan page.

Thanks again for visiting my site, and I hope I can help you create your ideal lifestyle of personal freedom.

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 Gaétane Ferland